Roland Wranik (1994, Slovakia) is the imaging prodigy who got his first 'commission' at the tender age of 13 - to shoot a video for his friends at the local dance group. By the age of 17, it was him who sat on the directorial chairs for official video clips of the top Slovak musicians, taking home international awards for his work. Two years later Roland found himself in Miami where he built a loyal clientele of the young and famous, mostly in the world of social media. Since making his way back to Europe, he continues to direct video clips as well as TVC's. He's also recently ventured into directing live shows with success. Being the technology nerd he is, Roland found a new passion in VR / AR which he now uses in his work seamlessly. Pushing boundaries, merging technologies and bringing visions to reality (be it virtual or augmented) is what drives Roland to deliver outstanding work each and every day.