Bodybuilders (Kurt Stallaert)

Category: Personal
Date: 2009/12

One of the best advertising photographers, a Belgian Kurt Stallaert came to Prague to shoot his personal project: Bodybuilders. The series of photographs feature one of the best female bodybuilders in Czech Republic Katka Kyptova and Belgians Koert Vogel and Vivian Hylkema. Set design by Erika Kohoutova added to already grandiose atmosphere at Konopiste castle and styling provided by Maria Kohutik and hair by Marek Patl made bodybuilders look like ladies of manor. Credit for creative direction and post-production goes to Miro Minarovych, a part of a dynamic duo Locomotiv. Bodybuilders were shot in costumes, then models and children's portraits were taken in the same spots and these images we're then put together in post-production. The result gives images full of subtle tension, curiosity and sense of irritation with a hint of voyeuristic feel.


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